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Thank You, Dad

Lucy Westlake and Her Father, text "Thank you, Dad"

At the age of 13 most of us are hanging out with our friends, stressed about our complicated middle school lives, and anxious for high school to start in a year. 13 year old Lucy Westlake is not like most of us. At the age of 13 Lucy is attempting to become the youngest girl to summit the highest mountain in each of the 50 U.S. States. 

Lucy westlake on snowy mountain

Lucy is an incredible athlete who, in addition to making history, is pursuing Olympic triathlon dreams. At the age of 7 Lucy stood atop Black Mountain, the highest point in Kentucky, with her father and vowed that one day she would stand atop the highest point in every state. A nearly 7 year journey spanning 50 states is soon to reach its conclusion.

What makes this all the more special is that each mountain she has climbed she has done so with her father by her side. Lucy and her dad, at this point, have climbed 49 of the 50 states highest points, with only Denali (also known as Mount McKinley) in Alaska remaining. Denali poses a unique challenge as it is the tallest mountain in the United States, but they are not detered. Instead they are confident handling this last climb with the calm determination of seasoned muntain climbers. 

Lucy Westlake in INFINIT Hat

What makes this climb, the final climb, the climb to put her name into history, even more special for Lucy is that this journy that her and her father have ventured on together will reach its conclution on fathers day. A fitting fathers day present indeed. Lucy's dad has been there side by side with his daughter through all of this, and with the support of her father and mother together Lucy will achieve greatness.  

Lucy and Father on the Mountain Side

We at INFINIT are proud to work with Lucy, and her father to help them achieve their dreams. We are thankful for all of the dads that stand by us, that teach us how to ride a bike, tie our shoes, or climb a mountain. We are thankful for all that dads do, for being there to help us up, for making us push forward, and for helping us be all we can be.

Thank you, Dad.  

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