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Meet Team INFINIT: 11Eleven Cycling

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11eleven Cycling is a second year Category 1-2 cycling race team from Cincinnati, OH. The team is comprised of 7 local elite riders who share multiple State championship titles in both the Cat 1 and Master’s categories. The team was created to bring about a higher level of competition, as well as consciousness in the cycling community locally in the Midwest and nationally. The team puts a huge emphasis on mindful cycling.


11Eleven cycle team riding on the roa 

This is not a meditation, but a practice to become fully present in the moment. “To be a successful athlete, one must push out the worries of the day and become fully present in whatever they are doing.” says team member, Ryan Good. “Breathing work is the foundation of mindful practices. Focusing on the breath allows the athlete to keep the body and mind operating as one by the rhythmic cycle of the breath. By being mindful during racing and training, an athlete’s focus, clarity, reaction time and determination increases ten-fold. We attempt to fuse spiritual techniques with structured training to become more mindful athletes.” 


 11Eleven cycler with INFINIT bottle near mountain


“As ambassadors for INFINIT Nutrition, we prove through training and racing that any athlete can fuel entirely on INFINIT, alone.” 11eleven helps guide fellow athletes through the process of creating customized nutrition by providing proper fueling education and giving hands-on help with INFINIT’s online Osmo-fit™ custom formula creator. According to Good, “To survive grueling endurance events, you must fuel with nutrition that won’t overload your stomach and will be absorbed quickly and efficiently. INFINIT simplifies this process by allowing athletes to create all-natural, isotonic, custom blends that have the right amount of calories, carbs, electrolytes and protein that they need. A custom blend can be tailored for any type of racing and training. Because we race many different types of events (road race, crits, mountain bikes and time trials), being able to alter our blends for specific events is HUGE. This allows us to be able to eliminate the stress of fueling, and we can become more mindful while racing and training.”