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  1. INFINIT Bocogear Technical Trucker
    INFINIT Bocogear Technical Trucker

    The Running Trucker provides all the comfort of a Run Hat with the structured front panels and bill of a Trucker.  Laser cut panels provide the breathability needed for high output efforts.

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  2. INFINIT Bioracer Cycling cap
    INFINIT Bioracer Cycling cap

    Looking for a comfortable, lightweight cycling cap to wear underneath your helmet?

    With the INFINIT cycling cap, you go for quick-drying and helmet-friendly headwear.

    When you take it off, you can easily store it in your pocket.

    • Light

    • Breathable

    • Fast drying

    • Helmet friendly

    • Flippable flap


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  3. INFINIT Bottle 750ml
    INFINIT Bottle 750ml

    The INFINIT Gripper is a reusable bottle with a ergonomic design and transparent strip with measurements. 

    This bottle has a grip made in the bottle that fits perfect in your hand.

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  4. INFINIT 600ml Bottle
    INFINIT 600ml Bottle

    INFINIT Team is a perfectly designed 600ml bottle for all your training sessions, races and various adventures.

    • big mouth for easy use

    • BPA free material

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  5. INFINIT Running Bottle 400ml
    INFINIT Running Bottle 400ml

    INFINIT Team is a perfectly designed 400ml bottle for all your training sessions, races and various adventures. Especially handy for your running activities.

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  6. INFINIT Nutrition Easy to Carry Handheld Soft Fuel Flask (12 oz)
    Handheld Soft Fuel Flask

    Lightweight soft flask with tapered bottom featuring bright yellow body with INFINIT logo and volume lines.

    • Easy and comfortable way to carry your nutrition.
    • 350ml with clear volume lines to track intake.
    • Perfect for concentrating and carrying your INFINIT on the run.
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  7. INFINIT BlenderBottle® (820 ml)
    INFINIT BlenderBottle® (820 ml)
    As low as €9.99

    28oz BlenderBottle® Classic featuring the INFINIT logo. Perfect to mix up your favorite INFINIT mix or to take on-the-go for daily hydration.

    •   Available in two colors — Blue & Clear
    •   Safe, nontoxic, taste-free material
    •   BPA and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe
    •   Screw-on lid creates leak-proof seal
    •   Flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained
    •   Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops
    •   Features markings to measure ounces & milliliters

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  8. BOCO 360° Visor for INFINIT Performance Nutrition - in white
    BOCO 360° Visor
    As low as €19.99

    This 360° Visor by BOCO features the INFINIT logo and signature loop across the bill. Made with premium moisture-wicking materials and an internal terry fabric sweatband to keep your head cool and dry.

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  9. INFINIT Neck Warmer
    INFINIT Neck Warmer

    Lightweight and breathable moisture-wicking INFINIT Neck Warmer by BIORACER. 

    Complete your kit with this multifunctional bandido. This stretchy, lightweight neck warmer can be worn in 8 ways.

    It keeps you warm during cold, wet, and windy rides.

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  10.  INFINIT BOCO Elite Hat Moisture Wicking Baseball Cap - front
    BOCO Elite Hat

    The INFINIT Elite Hat by BOCO features an embroidered front logo and is made with premium moisture-wicking materials to keep your head cool and dry. The hat has a reshaped bill that mimics the look and feel of a baseball cap for greater sun and glare protection and reflective trim for increased visibility and safety.

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