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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Andrew

Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Andrew!

Name: Andrew Horsfall-Turner

Age: 29

From: Sussex, England (now in Swansea, Wales)

Major wins: 

Outlaw Course Record Holder

(Welsh Iron Distance Record Holder)

Favourite INFINIT product: 

Custom Blend (Giving me exactly what I need for training and racing)

Hours of training per week: 


Next big goal: 

Ironman Texas (April 2024)


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Protein for Endurance

Colin Riley and Aaron Scheidies riding a tandem bike, text "Using Protein in your endurance Blend"

When it comes to protein, most people think about weight training, big muscles and "bulking-up". Do endurance athletes need protein DURING training and racing? The answer is maybe... Let's take a closer look at the ins and outs of protein for endurance athletes during training and racing. 

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Osmolality and Fueling for Sport: Why it Matters

Water slashing on a white background, text "Osmolality and Fueling for Sport: Why it Matters"

Osmolality is a measure of the number of dissolved particles in a solution. You can think of it as a fancy word for the concentration, or density, of a fluid. Scientifically speaking, the osmolality of a solution refers to the concentration of osmotically active particles in that solution. Osmolality is a function of the number of particles and is not related to particle weight, size, shape, or charge. Almost every fluid has an osmolality above zero — Except for distilled water, which has been processed to remove all other substances or “solutes” from the water molecules.

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Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Michael

Name: Michael Foreman

From: London, UK

Interesting fact: Born and grew up in Durban,SA,  Living in UK since 1999

Favourite race: Ironman 70.3 Weymouth 2018. It was my 1st Ironman 70.3. There was a massive storm that weekend with most sporting events being cancelled. After a few DNF’s before I was absolutely determined to finish!

Proudest race result: Ironman Hamburg 2022, my first full Ironman!

Favourite INFINIT fuel: I love them all!

Personal or business goal for 2024: Working with the team to make Infinit in the UK and Europe a huge success!

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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Matthew

Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Matthew!

Name: Matthew Kaminer

Age: 19

From: London, England

Major wins: 

  • Bristol Triathlon – 1st
  • Ironman UK 1st M18-24 and 6th Overall
  • Challenge London – 1st MU20 and 7th overall

Favourite INFINIT product: JET FUEL for pre-workout and Repair for post-workout

Hours of training per week: 15 hours per week around medical school

Next big goal: Achieve my professional triathlon license


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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Marijn

Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Marijn!

Name: Marijn Sourbron

Age: 28

From: Bilzen, Belgium

Major wins: No wins, yet :) Several top 10 places

Favorite INFINIT product: :HYDRATE (strawberry lemonade), :GOFAR (fruit punch) and Cold Brew.

Hours of training per week: 12-15 hours per week at the moment, but this is rapidly ramping up in the coming weeks

Next big goal: IM Hamburg, my first full Ironman


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