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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Laura

Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Laura!


Name: Laura Zimmermann

Age: 32

From: Germany

Major wins: Ironman Hamburg 2021

Favorite INFINIT product:    NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge

Hours of training per week: 24h

Next big goal: Ironman Austria


Why have you chosen your sport and how long you have been doing it?

I’ve always been pretty sporty, and nearly love all kind of sports. In 2011, I stumbled upon triathlon when I started studying in Würzburg. It kind of felt like love at first sight. I’m enjoying the variety of the three different disciplines and being outdoors in nature just makes me happy.

What motivates you to compete? What is your why?

During the Covid pandemic, I’ve realized that it’s the competitions that really motivate me during my training sessions. While I do enjoy my workouts most of the time, I ultimately train because the races are the cherry on top for me. There is no better feeling than the finish line feeling.



I like the variety of the products, the taste, and the fact that Infinit doesn’t use any artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Grateful for the support of the team and their expertise and commitment to help me grow as an athlete.

Any recommendations or sport hacks that you would like to pass to the athletes in your sport?

Never underestimate the importance of the right fueling in sports. It’s not just about the everyday diet, but also about how to fuel before, during and after training sessions. And don’t forget – we’re doing the sport because we’re loving it.

Which INFINIT product you like the most and why?

Nocturne nighttime recharge. The taste is just awesome – the perfect bedtime snack, as it helps me to sleep better due to the Tryptophan.

Your motto or the best motivation line for the start of the week that gets you going?

,,Love it, change it, or leave it.”


Follow Laura: @laurizim

INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Marijn

Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Marijn!

Name: Marijn Sourbron

Age: 28

From: Bilzen, Belgium

Major wins: No wins, yet :) Several top 10 places

Favorite INFINIT product: :HYDRATE (strawberry lemonade), :GOFAR (fruit punch) and Cold Brew.

Hours of training per week: 12-15 hours per week at the moment, but this is rapidly ramping up in the coming weeks

Next big goal: IM Hamburg, my first full Ironman


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INFINIT Team - Athlete Introduction - Jakub

Welcome to the TEAM INFINIT Jakub!

Name: Jakub Langhammer

Age: 30

From: Czech Republic

Major wins:

3rd place Challenge Iskandar Puteri

4th Asia-pacific championship Ironman 70.3 Cebu

1st place Czech championship in middle distance triathlon

Favorite INFINIT product: 

I like all of them but the best is INFINIT :Repair to keep my body fresh every single day and INFINIT :Hydrate for daily use in training.

Hours of training per week: 15+ hrs

Next big goal: 

Keeping my performance on high level and still have fun and joy from Triathlon


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Gearing Up For Cooler Riding

Man riding a bike over a hill from a silhouetted angle at sunset, text "Gearing up for Cooler Riding"

The days are getting shorter and, for most of us, the cooler temperatures have started to roll in (if you’re one of the lucky few in a warmer state, soak up a little extra sunshine for the rest of us!). Whether you’re hitting the road or tackling the trails, there are a few important things to remember in order to stay safe and optimize your performance as the cooler weather approaches.

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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction

Welcome to the INFINIT Team, Ryan!

Name: Ryan Morris

Age: 32

From: Manchester - UK

Major wins: 3rd AG podium - Challenge Malta, 11th at the British Olympic Distance Championships in Leeds, 1st position in the Big Brutal 5km open water swim event with a time of 1:12:54 

Favorite INFINIT product: Jetfuel 

Hours of training per week: 10-12

Next big goal: Challenge Championships, Samorin Slovakia


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Coffee Facts for Athletes

Two cups of coffee on a table, text "Coffee: Facts for Athletes"

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and athletes have long been linked with consuming large amounts of coffee. Before we talk about how coffee can benefit performance AND your overall health, let’s take a look at a few fun facts about coffee.

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Cold Brew Recovery Refresher Recipe

INFINIT Cold Brew in blender bottle with person about to drink, text "INFINIT Recipe Cold Brew Repair Refresher"

Why enjoy one INFINIT fan-favorite formula when you could combine two for an even more delicious and protein-packed snack? That’s right. We’re bringing you a two-in-one protein shake, jam packed with 27 grams of high quality complete protein, less than 300 calories, and boosted with 100 mg of caffeine. It’s sweet, smooth, and the perfect midday pick me up or post workout refresher.

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Professional Cyclist Shifting the Narrative about Differently Abled Athletes

Clara brown riding on a bike, text "Clara Brown, Shifting the Narrative on Para-Athletes"

Growing up in Falmouth, Maine, Clara Brown was an avid athlete enjoying everything from gymnastics to running and skiing. One of four siblings, her parents were keen on keeping the family active and involved in a variety of activities and sports. At the age of 12, Clara’s life changed forever when she sustained a serious injury at gymnastics practice, leaving her with a broken neck and a damaged spinal cord.

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