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INFINIT Turns Thirteen

Cartoon of man on a bike in the background, text "INFINIT celebrates 13 Years"

13 years. People ask me does it feel that long? The answer is “hell yes!”-- but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

INFINIT started as an idea from one guy, Michael Keiser. His idea was to create a platform where athletes could create an isotonic drink that contained everything you need to race at Ironman. Mike and I were training partners and friends. He told me of his plan on a plane on the way to Kona. When I heard his idea, I was instantly in.

Being an Ironman guy myself, I knew what the problems were. There are lots of great products, but they are all an intricate system. As an Ironman, I - like many others I knew - was incapable of thinking while racing. So inevitably my complicated nutrition “plan” ended up failing come race day. I did 10 Ironman races and only got ONE right nutritionally, thanks to my custom blends.

I am most proud of the fact that INFINIT has not changed much since the original creation of the idea. Yes, in the old days it was me making powder, shipping, and answering phones, and now I have an AMAZING group of athletes and nutrition professionals that believe in what we are doing. But the idea remains - Custom, simple nutrition designed to power each unique athlete, the way they want.

Here are my personal highlights of the first 13 years:

  • Having Joe Friel (Author of The Training Bible) 14 years ago tell me at Starbucks in Kona that the idea was “brilliant” and had no idea why anyone hadn’t done it before. Joe was always a science guy I have looked up to. I personally used The Training Bible along with Gordo Byrne for my entire 10 years of racing. It was a thrill to hear these words of encouragement that  I still remember today.

  • Working with Mark Allen. I still have those old VCR tapes of his 7 wins that I watched over and over on a trainer. Mark is the man, and that’s all I really need to say. To have the honor of having a relationship with him was and is special.

  • I got Dave Scott AND Mark Allen to sign an original Bud Light poster of the IronWar. It’s one of my favorite memories and it hangs right in my office.

  • Working with Garmin-Cervello and Alan Lim during their glory years of success at the Tour. Knowing that INFINIT was fueling all those Tour wins was an amazing feeling..

  • Being onboard for not one, but TWO Indy 500 Race wins in just the past 5 years. Yup, INFINIT did that.

  • Having breakfast with Dave Scott and my two sons. Dave is the definition of charming.

  • Getting to know the people that built our sports. Grahm Frasier, Paula NF, The Big 4, John Cobb, Steve Hed, Frankie, Brad Devaney, Slowman, and Ziebart. Knowing that group was a gift for this age grouper.

From the INFINIT Team to you, we want to say "thank you" for your continued support over the years. We feel incredibly honored to have been able to play a small part in helping fuel you, our customers, over countless finish lines, to hundreds of championships, and to the top of thousands of podiums. It is because of YOU that we are entering our "teenage years" and are able to continue our mission to help customers perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic high-powered, custom-blended nutrition solutions.

So here's to you, and to another 13 years of INFINIT performance, and beyond!

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