How much should I drink while cycling?
To really know you need to do a sweat test. The test is simple but it is important to do in near race conditions, so probably very hot!
Weigh yourself before and after you go out on the bike and make note of how much you drink. If you weigh less after the ride you need to drink more. 1 Litre for every Killo of weight loss.
EXAMPLE You ride for 4 hours and drink three Litres whilst cycling (750ml per hour) but you weigh one Killo less at the end of your ride. You need to drink one more litre over the 4 hours.... so target 1 litre per hour on your next test ride.

Should I take Gels or Bars with Infinit?
You probably do not need them. Other Sports drinks do not take you or your sport into consideration, they are made for an average athlete doing average sport (whatever that is). So for ultra endurance sport like Ironman the manufacturers ask you to supplement the drink with Bars salt pills and Gels. Infinit is a complete solution, with our personal service you can make your perfect drink.
If you are relying on our race day formulas we made them specifically for the Races we sponsor (just not personalised for you), with more energy, salts and perhaps protein to stop you feeling hungry.

What is Osmolality?
It is a measure of concentration and much more useful than the old 6-8% Carb standard. Your blood runs between 280 and 310 Osmoles, it is important to keep the Osmolality of your stomach in-line or probably a little below that of blood (for Ultra Endurance races). What is the osmolality in your stomach after consuming Water, Bars, salt pills and Gels? No idea. Salt can have a dramatic effect on osmolaity and even a few pills could spell disaster. Bars and Gels, well you need to drink "enough" water but manufacturers rarely tell you what that is. If you start feeling bloated it is probably caused by your stomach struggling to keep up. Back off the intensity and sip water for a little while to give yourself the best chance.
With Infinit we publish the osmolality, right on the packet or for custom mixes it appears just under the sliders at the right. If you make a mix with an Osmolality over 300 you will see the colour change to warn you.


How Many Calories Per hour should I consume whilst cycling?
It is personal but somewhere upwards of your weight in Killos x 4. So a 70kg Athlete should be aiming for around 280 Calories or more. Our "Ride" mix contains 260 Calories per 600ml. Very few athletes consume more than 450 Calories per hour and you should definitely test in training.


How do I carry my own nutrition?
While we do everything we can to make sure the on-course drink is perfectly mixed, every year the is a problem somewhere. Many athletes take their own nutrition, until Infinit this meant juggling Pills Bars and Gels. With Infinit you can personalise your sports drink making race day simpler and faster. You can carry up to 8 Hours nutrition in a couple of bottles by mixing concentrate and picking up water from the race course. Either mix by alternating sips or use a Speedfil.


Why Does Infinit taste mild and less sweet than other sports drinks?
After about four hours of exercise your taste perception will shift dramatically. Sweet tastes will become sickly but mild salty flavours will become more pleasant. Most sports drinks are made to suit shorter duration events and so have a sweeter taste and even colouring. Infinit does not need to compromise because we make every drink with the purpose in mind. Do not mistake the mild flavour for weak dilution on race day.