INFINIT’s exclusive blend of electrolytes is made up of four salts that match your sweat rate. This is primarily sodium, with potassium, calcium and magnesium. Our electrolytes are the most readily absorbable forms and are pharmaceutical grade. Developed by staff nutritionist Kim Brown MS, RD., this blend of these essential salts gives you everything you need for racing or training. Now there is no need to supplement with salt tablets or to juggle pills while running or riding your bike. Unlike most other products, Infinit gives you enough electrolytes to meet your personal goals. Just set the slider bar to suit you and throw the pills away!


Salts are an important part of transporting fluid out of your gut and into your system. Electrolytes have an effect on flavor, and seem to help people who sweat lots or have problems with cramping, but be warned, the middle setting for Electrolytes on our sliders is not average, it’s actually quite high. Unless you really do crave salt, keep the sodium level around 450 or below on your first custom mix. You can see this level change at the bottom of the chart as you move the slider. That said, as the race gets longer, salty tastes become more enjoyable. This is why so many other sports drinks taste too sweet and become more palatable.


For most male athletes, 350 mg to 375 mg of sodium is an excellent starting point. Women should try 325 mg to 350. (Note: women are more salt sensitive than men and generally don’t like a more salty drink.) This is the case for even the athletes that tend to have issues with cramping.


To check the levels on each of the electrolytes, click the “nutrition information” button just below the sliders. That will give you the full FDA specs.