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Welcome to the Team INFINIT, Michael

Name: Michael Foreman

From: London, UK

Interesting fact: Born and grew up in Durban,SA,  Living in UK since 1999

Favourite race: Ironman 70.3 Weymouth 2018. It was my 1st Ironman 70.3. There was a massive storm that weekend with most sporting events being cancelled. After a few DNF’s before I was absolutely determined to finish!

Proudest race result: Ironman Hamburg 2022, my first full Ironman!

Favourite INFINIT fuel: I love them all!

Personal or business goal for 2024: Working with the team to make Infinit in the UK and Europe a huge success!


What is your background and how did you get to sports in general?

I have loved and played sport since childhood. I did my first Sprint Triathlon in 2010 to lose weight. I lost 25kg’s in 6 months! Since then I have done numerous Olympic and 70.3’s culminating in Ironman Hamburg in 2022.

What motivates you to compete? What is your why?

Triathlon has become a way of life. I love the training, healthy lifestyle and community. Always having a goal keeps me motivated. There are so many races around the world that I would love to do.


How did you find about INFINIT and what caused the interest in the brand?

I have always had gut and nausea issues doing long distance triathlon. I was searching for a solution and found Infinit online.

Where you see the biggest value in INFINIT brand?

The products are just brilliant. The many flavour options are great not sickly sweet like most others on the market. It’s a drink only solution and it’s really easy on the stomach.  The fact that there is an option to customise the products for each athlete is hugely innovative.

Which INFINIT product you like the most and why?

I really love them all!


What is your role at INFINIT company?

I’m the UK Brand Manager

What do you like the most at this role?

We have just launched Infinit in the UK. I’m positive that the UK market is going to love Infinit and its going to be huge success here. I am so excited to be working with such an Innovative brand in a sector that I am passionate about.

Your motto or the best motivation line for the start of the week that gets you going?

There is no such thing as I can’t, just I don’t want to!

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