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INFINIT and The Great Spectacle in Racing

Checkered flag, text "INFINIT Motorsports"

For the past 101 years brave drivers have attacked the four turns of indianapolis Motor Speedway in late May. In that time many things have become familiar pieces of the strong annual tradition of the race.

In recent years, INFINIT has has found a place as the choice hydration product among many elite teams on the grid, and we have worked with drivers and teams to create customized personal nutrition to keep these athletes hydrated and firing on all cylinders. 

Crowd at Indy 500

The conditions that drivers endure inside their cars through those 500 miles are extreme. With speeds reaching up to 230 MPH a driver’s heart rate can be 180 BPM for three consecutive hours so it is important that these athletes are properly fueled. The temperature inside the car can get up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, so hydrating to keep up with sweat losses is imperative to maintain peak mental clarity and reaction time. 

And that is where INFINIT comes in.

In the past five years two of the drivers that tasted the milk at the end of the race, fueled up with INFINIT before and during the race. Fueling champions is nothing new for INFINIT and it is something we take great pride in whether it be on the bike, in the car, in the pool, or on your two feet. 

INFINIT Truck parked in front of PitFit

Be sure to look out for INFINIT next year on May 27th for the 102nd running of the Indy 500. If you have trouble finding us, we just might be in victory lane. 

We were in pitlane this year to see the cars up close:


INFINIT has partnered with PitFit, a racing driver training program to help keep these athletes in peak condition. To see our racing specific mixes disigned with PitFit Click below

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