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How to Make :SPEED INFINaritas

Cinco de Mayo Recipes Speed

Three easy ways to use :SPEED to mix up a fiesta in a glass

Even superman's gotta take off his cape every now and then.

We all have our own ways of unwinding and relaxing after a long week of training, work, and the demands of everyday life. For those of us who like to do so with a cold drink in our hands, we got a life hack for you that's going to totally change the way you mix up your cocktails.


While, of course, it's best practice to recover after a workout or training session by taking in a 3:1-4:1 ratio of carbohydrate and high quality protein, sometimes the night calls for a little something extra. 

When we're at events or out talking and sampling with athletes, without fail, we get a question along the lines of, "How does this mix with...(vodka, tequila, etc.)?" Our answer to those type of inquiries is usually, "pretty freaking well!" 

We've experimented with quite a few concotions. Most of which stay within the walls of INFINT HQ, but when something is THIS good, really, how can you keep it to yourself??

SPEED INFINIritas Ingredients

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of the standard grocery store or liquor store margarita or daiquiri mixers?

If not, I highly suggest you take a look. It's pretty eye opening. More likely than not, you're going to see the #1 ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup, followed by an array of numbered yellow, blue and red dyes. 

I know alcohol is supposed to lower inhibitions (not to mention, it's not exactly a health food) but there's no amount of booze in the world to make me want to put HFCS and red dye #5 in my body if I can help it!

So as a public service, we decided to share our INFINIT top secret 100% natural margarita recipe...

Pouring in some SPEED lemon lime


This simple and quick margarita recipe is muy bueno, and just takes our own lemon-lime :SPEED (link here), your favorite tequila and ice to make these frosty beverages. 


∞ 2 oz tequila (or to your taste & preference!)
∞ Water
∞ 4 Scoops :SPEED (2 servings)
∞ Blender (if you're doing the frozen variation)


On the Rocks

1. Fill a shaker bottle with 16oz of room temperature water
2. Add 1 serving of :SPEED lemon lime - shake!
3. In a glass, add ice and tequilla
4. Pour :SPEED into the glass
5. Stir & enjoy!


1. Fill blender with ice up to the 16 oz line
2. Add tequila
3. Fill water to the 24 oz line
4. Add :SPEED mix
5. Blend until slushy
6. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Optional: Garnish glasses with salt and limes


Mixing up for a group?

Try Shareable Scoopable INFINIritas


∞ 6 cups Water
Tequila (5 oz)
∞ 8 Scoops :SPEED (4 single serving packets)
∞ 2.75 Qt tempered glass casserole dish & lid



1. Measure out 5 oz of Tequila and pour into glass casserole dish
2. Measure 6 cups of warm water
3. Mix 8 scoops of :SPEED in the warm water and stir until dissolved
4. Pour :SPEED mixture into the dish and stir
5. Cover and put in freezer for about 7 hours
6. Take out of freezer and let sit for 5-10 minutes before serving
7. Use a metal spoon to scrape frozen mixture and scoop into cups for a INFINIrita slush!