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INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction - Jorge

Welcome to the TEAM INFINIT Jorge!

Name: Jorge Vilanova

Age: 35

From: Valencia, Spain

Major wins:

First by teams in sprint trail

Top 30 ultra trail

Favorite INFINIT product: GO FAR - Endurance Fuel

Hours of training per week: 9 hours

Next big goal: Stage race. 10k+46k+21k


Why have you chosen your sport and how long you have been doing it?

For the connection with nature. Having in the same race or training, thousands of goals (an ascent, a descent, a passage through a ravine...). The mountain is the place where I connect with myself and it gives me a lot of tranquility.

 I have been running in the mountains for 5 years and my idea is to continue until the end of time.



What motivates you to compete? What is your why?

I like to know where my limit is. With ultra distance races, I put myself to the test mentally and physically and I love that.


I have found a brand that helps me simplify everything. Due to work, stress, or the rhythm of life, we always fill our heads with complications and having a brand that makes my life easier and allows me to enjoy every training session and competition is something incredible. In addition, it has top quality products and that provides a lot of peace of mind.

Which INFINIT product you like the most and why?

Go Far is my favorite. The amount of carbohydrates attached to the salts is perfect for long runs and ultra-distance. I don't have to be thinking about what to take every X amount of time.

Any recommendations or sport hacks that you would like to pass to the athletes in your sport?

I love the principle of specificity. If you are going to compete in the mountains, you must train in the mountains, feel the mountains, think about the mountains. They will give you everything and you must know them. It is not only about going on trails at the highest possible speed, trying to understand it and knowing the trees, bushes and animals will help you to love and enjoy even more.

Your motto or the best motivation line for the start of the week that gets you going?

Do it or do not do it but never try!




Follow Jorge: @jorgevilanova


INFINIT Team - Ambassador Introduction

Welcome to the INFINIT Team Ryan!

Name: Ryan Morris

Age: 32

From: Manchester - UK

Major wins: 3rd AG podium - Challenge Malta, 11th at the British Olympic Distance Championships in Leeds, 1st position in the Big Brutal 5km open water swim event with a time of 1:12:54 

Favorite INFINIT product: Jetfuel 

Hours of training per week: 10-12

Next big goal: Challenge Championships, Samorin Slovakia


Why have you chosen your sport and how long have you been doing it?

I used to compete as an AG athlete as a teenager. I took some time out after sustaining regular undiagnosed pain in my feet as a teenager. I started back competing in running after the pandemic in 2020. I hadn’t raced in a competitive sport for over 7/8 years, but after having Covid quite badly, I wanted to kickstart my health and fitness again. After booking some local running races, I soon began to get back into the swing of things and soon entered some triathlons again. Two years on, I have raced in three international races, completed in the British Championships and have qualified for the Challenge Championships in 2023. Next season, my aims are to qualify for the ITU middle distance world championships as a Team GBR AG athlete Male 30-35, Finish top 5 in my respective AG category at the Challenge Championships in Slovakia. Other goals are to run a sub 35 min 10km, sub 1:17 Half marathon (1:20 off the back off a swim & bike).


What motivates you to compete? What is your why?

Motivation never falls short when you are doing something you love so much. Self discipline and the desire to do things that challenge me, burns through my day and helps me improve all aspects of my life. By seeking discomfort in my day to day life and in training, I find myself constantly pushing my boundaries with the sole aim to improve and learn.  ‘Do hard things’, is a statement I truly live by. Subjecting yourself to hard tasks can only build character within yourself. Applying this to training and racing over the past two years has given me a solid mental building block and has allowed me to practice this mindset in my day to day life, challenging the normal and pushing the limitations previously set out. 


After meeting Matej in Poland, I felt compelled to contact him thanking him for his advice given to me at the expo, and to say how much I liked the products. Infinit is a company that clearly cares about their consumers, and ensures that they continue their active involvement with athlete’s at all levels. Infinit are friendly, and inclusive to all, something that you find it hard to come across these days in brands dealing with athletes. Infinit believe in simplifying nutrition for the athlete, and considers each and every athlete they work with by working with them to develop a system that works for them. Since being on board with Infinit, my training and more importantly race performances have improved ten-fold. I have had four personal best performances in the last 2 months, all since using Infinit products as a fundamental part of my daily routine. Jetfuel is by far my favourite product, and I use this pre and during the workout. The blend of isotonic and caffeine leaves you fully fuelled and focused, and leaves you with no fizzy gas like other energy products do! 

The Infinit Recovery blend is a close contender of the above, again, is an active and vital part of the recovery and growth of my training block. It boasts a blend of proteins, fast and slow release to help provide the body with a regular flow of protein and nutrients to optimize the recovery process.

Any recommendations or sport hacks that you would like to pass to the athletes in your sport?

Hack 1- DO recovery- Ensure to use recovery supplements and powders alongside a balanced diet, even if you feel you don’t need them. Just because you're not sore from a session does not necessarily mean your body doesn’t need a little hand to optimize growth and repair. By doing so, you are leaving no stone unturned in the recovery game, ensuring that you will show up to each training session/ race 100% recovered and ready to perform

Hack 2- DO sauna & plunge pool- Studies have shown recovery significantly improves your recovery after strenuous exercise. Heat shock proteins are released when in exposure, and helps to Increase immune response, reduces free radicals and helps with Faster muscle recovery.


Your motto or the best motivation line for the start of the week that gets you going? 

Do hard things. Seek discomfort.


Follow Ryan:


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