The DeBoom name is one that is familiar in the endurance community. After Tim DeBoom’s back-to-back wins at Kona in 2001 and 2002, the DeBoom name became synonymous with success in triathlon. Tim’s older brother Tony also competed as a top tier triathlete. Tony had a successful career racing around the world as an age grouper and pro competing in Olympic and full Ironman distance triathlons. During his time racing, Tony finished runner-up behind his brother Tim at Ironman California, won Ironman Utah, and earned a coveted spot as an alternate for the 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team.

The DeBoom brothers were always very active, even as children. Tony was a gifted swimmer and helped his high school swim team win numerous state and national titles. After high school, he went on to swim at the US Miltary Acedemy at West Point. Tony graduated from West Point and completed his military commitment, and as the Army downsized in the early 1990’s, he opted out and jumped in the world of triathlon with his little brother Tim. Together they made a ferocious team in the up-and-coming sport of triathlon.

The DeBoom brothers spent years traveling and competing with the best. Tony even met his wife at the 1998 Long Course Worlds in Japan. After an accompished racing career, Tony retired from racing while his wife was expecting their first child.

Although Tony retired from racing, he definitely did not retire from triathlon completely. Tony went on to become the Director Sportiff for the Tri Dubai pro team during its two seasons racing. Following the unfortunate end of the Tri Dubai team, the DeBoom brothers started their own coaching company, and were even contracted to coach the West Point Triathlon Team.

In 2007 Tony found a new motivating outlet by crossing over to the world of art and design. After designing t-shirts for an event in Kona, the idea for Endurance Conspiracy was born. Partnered with his brother Tim and another renowned triathlete Pete Reid, the company began its work bluring the lines between design and the culture of endurance and outdoor sports.

In addition to his work with Endurance Conspiracy, Tony is also owner, operator, and Creative Director of Tony DeBoom Studio. He works to create unique visual designs and illustrations, which have been seen on everything from magazines and album jackets, to festivals and athletic event posters, and even national ad campaigns.

One of his latest works was the INFINIT Possibilities illustration design commissioned for INFINIT Nutrition, which can be found on our limited edition posters and apparel! (link here) We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a great artist and wonderful company that share the values of the endurance and sports community, as we do.

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