Major Accomplishments:

• 2016 Surf N Sea Distance Race 1st Pro Women, SUP Derby 3rd Pro Women
• 2016 Olukai SUP Race: 10th Pro Women
• 2015 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships Solo SUP: 13th Pro Women
• 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships: 9th Pro Women
• 2015 Blue Planet/Wet Feet WPA National Race: 1st Women’s SUP


Jenn J. Lee has been paddleboarding for the last five years and has recently began working with INFINIT for all of her in-race nutrition. For years, Jenn has worked on and off with other companies to try to find something that worked for her when she finally stumbled on INFINIT thanks to the recommendation of her conditioning coach. Jenn was a former competitive skier and equestrian rider that moved to Hawaii and was looking for something to keep her active. When dodging busses in Waikiki on a bike became a bit too risky for her taste Jenn decided to skip the road all together and paddle to work. After weeks of paddling and slowly getting better and faster a friend recommended entering a race. Jenn fell in love with racing almost immediately and began entering races. Today Jenn is one of the top female paddle boarders in the world and continues to work together with INFINIT to push her to her absolute maximum on her board.

“Early on in crossing the Kaiwi channel I would stop to eat but found that I wasted a ton of time eating so I was actually one of the first athletes to have been on an all liquid diet even crossing the channel. I tried Infinit based on a recommendation from a coach of mine and really liked the simplicity of it. From there I tried the rest of the Infinit line of products and really liked everything. MUD, for example is one of my favorite treats I use it on early morning workouts and race day and it tastes so good! I really like how much thought goes into the pre-formulated products and have had a lot of success using the Nocturne and Repair.”

Jenn Lee

Photos courtesy of Planet Sun’s John O’Malley


Other than competing in the highest caliber races in the sport Jenn also takes time to compete in races that do things such as give back to charity or raise money to help the environment. Jenn is also an INFINIT sponsored coach who provides Surf and SUP coaching and instruction through Hook-Up-Surfing a surf school she manages with her partner. She is also a personal trainer and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach. Jenn’s coaching style is very interactive and she spends a good amount of time focusing on each one of her clients.

"On normal training/work days, I am usually in the water 4-6 hours a day, and in just one lesson I can burn upwards of 400 calories, so having a drink mix that includes protein and salt between lessons has been huge for allowing me to train on top of being a Surf/SUP Coach.” This is the style of work that INFINIT provides for each of its clients, and is part of what makes Jenn such a great member of team INFINIT.

“I personally really like simple common sense things in general and a product that I can have made to my own needs and specifications, is natural, doesn’t have artificial coloring, tastes good, and is quality every single time is absolutely wonderful!”