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Meet Team INFINIT: Nick Chase

Nick Chase running with a black background, large yellow text "Nicholas Chase," INFINIT Loop logo bottom right corner.

Nicholas Chase is trucking through his 4th year competing among the professional ranks in triathlon. The journey seemed to have evolved quickly but has completely taken over his life. Now Nick co-owns a coaching company where he and 3 other coaches lead over 100 athletes world-wide.

While serving the final few years of his 10-year tour in the United States Air Force, Nick became hooked on the sport of triathlon. As most age group athletes will know, if you put your mind to something, dive in with all of your energy and change everything, big things can happen.

Nick Chase on bike going up hill

The journey for Nick started in his mid 20’s when he was still fresh to any sort of endurance sports. Having never participated in any aspect of triathlon beyond Air Force required running, the learning curve was steep…and came with a lot of growing pains.

“The first triathlon I ever competed in was Escape From Fort Desoto, a local sprint triathlon in St. Petersburg Florida. The next year, I was able to win the overall event. The success kept coming as I completely transformed from a muscle-bound power lifter to a lean-ish runner. After the initial gains started to level out, it was time to take it to the next level. I went through a few coaches, invested in a nice bike and eventually qualified for my elite license but waited 1 year to take it on.

Nick Chase running

Fast forward to today, I’m competing against former Olympians and athletes who’ve gotten me trumped when it comes to experience. For me, this journey ends when I can’t compete any longer. This means I will push until I’m winning and believe me, that thought is more and more daunting as the years tick by and progress is harder and harder to earn.

Luckily for me, my wife completely supports these endeavors and I’ve made some fantastic friends over time. Without the support of those who believe in me and funding from sponsors, free gear and co-owning a coaching company, this is possible. There are plenty of professional athletes working their way up the ranks who will confirm the struggles but we all love this sport. We love the routine, travel and people we meet along the way.


INFINIT Nutrition such a big part of this journey as I use my drink mixes every single day and constantly tweak them based on the demands of the season. Whether I’m slamming Nocturn before bed, my Savory Mix on a long ride or avoiding cramps with some dill pickle TripWire, INFINIT products drive me to be the best I can be each and every day."