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INFINIT Cuore Kits

Athlete leading race in INFINIT Kit, text "INFINIT Race kits: available only for a limited time

You asked for it! INFINIT kits are here!

Full lineup of OFFICIAL INFINIT Cycling, Tri & Running gear for both Men & Women

We are excited to announce that you can now rock official INFINIT gear while you train and compete. INFINIT offers a variety of cycling, tri and running garments designed by our very own INFINIT creative team. We are proud to partner with CUORE of Switzerland to make all of our gear. Just like INFINIT, CUORE uses ultra premium materials and allows you to custom tailor your individual garments for your personal needs. You can alter the bib length and even the arm and body length of your jersey. 


INFINIT's new Cuore Kits

Here’s how to order your INFINIT gear:

1. Go to our Cuore Online Store


2.  Add individual items to your cart:

Pick from our full line up on Official INFINIT cycling, tri and running gear. Choose from a full size lineup in both men’s and women’s styles.

Custom tailor options are available for most garments. Make your bibs longer or shorter. Make your jersey arm length or even the body shorter or longer.

3.  Checkout

Submit your order between 5/16 - 5/29 and select flat rate shipping ($15). Your order will be submitted on the day the online store closes (May 29th, 2017 11:59 pm EST).

The order will be sent to the factory in Switzerland and shipped back to the US Cuore factory in Boulder, CO. Orders will be shipped out to each individual customer within 24 hours of reaching the boulder factory. From the time your order is submitted, expect 6 weeks to receive your order.