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How to Use MUD

Bag of INFINIT Mud on a table, text "What the Mud? How to use mud in your training regimen"

Whether it’s hitting the highest weights, running/riding/swimming the fastest splits, or burning the most calories, getting the right nutrients pre-workout is essential to perform and feel ready to work hard. With a variety of carbohydrates, protein, and caffeine, MUD is an easy and great product to fuel up before a workout.

When do I drink the MUD? What if I workout in the early AM?

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No matter when the workout starts pre-workout fuel is essential. Mixing 1-2 scoops of MUD with 8-16oz of cow or plant-based milk 30-45minutes before a workout will ensure that the nutrients and caffeine hit the system at the right time and aid in the completion of the workout.

Glycogen/energy stores and fluids are lost during sleep and athletes rolling out of bed to complete their workouts before the sun rises need to consume calories and fluids pre-workout too. It can often be challenging to choke down solid food or make the time to prepare a snack or meal this early. MUDcovers both of those basis by including everything one needs to have a great workout while requiring only to mix 1-2 scoops with cow or plant-based milk.

For athletes leaving the office to make the evening group ride or hit the gym, an afternoon snack is important to top off glycogen/energy and hydration stores to perform at one’s best. It is easy for athletes to fall into the trap of not eating after lunch and then waiting until dinner to eat again, depriving the body and mind of fuel to properly function during the workout or recover after the workout.

How is MUD different from other Pre-Workout Formulas?

With a blend of carbohydrates, easily-digestible protein, and caffeine, MUD covers all of the basis of the body and brain’s needs for pre-workout as well as tastes great and is easy to prepare. MUD also has a modest ingredient list with only 7 ingredients unlike many pre-workout formulas with a cocktail of unstudied and questionable ingredients.


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MUD includes 4 sources of carbohydrates: Maltodextrin, Natural Cane Sugar, Glucose, and Flaxseed. Carbohydrates are essential to fuel all types of workouts with a few exceptions (intentionally restricting carbohydrates for health or training adaptation reasons). Glucose in the blood (from eating carbohydrates) and glycogen stored in the liver and muscles (from eating carbohydrates and protein) are the body and brain’s preferred choice for fuel. For the body to absorb and utilize carbohydrates as a fuel source during workouts, it is best to use products which include a variety of types of carbohydrates so the cells are not overloaded by any one type of carbohydrate source.


Protein from Whey Protein Isolate is easier on the tummy than other protein sources, aids in recovery from the previous workout, provides a sense of fullness preventing hunger during workouts, as well as aids the body in recovery before the workout even begins. For athletes who complete double day training the recovery period doesn’t end with the recovery shake after the workout. The body is recovering all the way through until it is worked again for another training session. For athletes who are also focusing on losing weight or getting lean, every calorie counts. The protein in MUD contributes to one’s daily protein needs as well as provides a great sense of fullness to prevent hunger when in a calorie deficit.

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Each serving of MUD includes 25mg of caffeine, the equivalent to a homebrewed cup of coffee. Caffeine is one of the most effective performance enhancing substances known to sports science. Caffeine is shown to improve endurance training and provide mental sharpness for athletes of any sport. Whether rolling out of bed or schlepping home from the office, a jolt of caffeine will provide the motivation to get in a great workout. Caffeine peaks in the system around 45 minutes after consumption. By consuming MUD 30-45 minutes before the workout, the caffeine will take effect at the beginning and middle stages of the workout.


To round off this product as a part of an athlete’s daily nutrient needs, MUD includes a modest amount of flaxseed. Flaxseed includes omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory and contribute to heart health.

Enjoy a delicious, easy to prepare, and well-balanced snack to fuel your workouts. MUD.