INFINIT is excited to be partnering with The Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team, presented by Hincapie Sportswear for the 2016 Race Season.

Major results from 2015:

  • 1st Overall at UCI American Tour
  • 1st Team NRC United States
  • Stage 3 Win at 2015 Amgen Tour of California by Tom Skujiņš

The Holowesko-Citadel Racing team, presented by Hincapie sportswear, is heading to San Diego on May 15th to compete in the AMGEN Tour of California. The team and coaches at Holowesko-Citadel have worked in unison with the staff at Infinit to create a line of products that fuel athletes throughout the race. The low-calorie, high electrolyte blend provides energy and hydration, while preventing cramping, for a team that races with high pace and intensity. This year’s team is coming off a very impressive 2015 season in which they claimed the honor of top team on the National Racing Circuit, as well as top individual NRC rider being won by Tom Skujiņš. Tom has since left team Holowesko-Citadel but has been replaced by Former US NRC individual winner, Travis McCabe. This year, the team is aiming even higher, and that will start with stage wins at the Tour of California. This year’s roster for California includes Robin Carpenter, Andrei Krasilnikau, Oscar Clark, Rob Squire, Travis McCabe, Andzs Flakis, Jon Hornbeck, and Joe Lewis.

The Holowesko-Citadel racing team, formerly known as the Hincapie Racing Team was started by Rich and George Hincapie as a junior developmental team. Holowesko-Citadel is unique in the fact that all members of the team are working together to improve one another each and every day. Many other teams from around the country rely on one high-caliber rider with support from the rest of the group. The team boasts some of the best young talent from around the world, and will be returning to California this year with the strongest group of riders they have ever assembled. Thomas Craven, the team director, focuses on development of younger athletes into some of the most elite riders in the world. Craven has always aimed to create a cohesive group of individuals that are able to grow and learn together. Strong leadership and mentoring by former pro, and cycling legend, George Hincapie, has led to a team which is not only competitive as a developmental group, but also is able to stand tall with some of the best cycling groups in the world.

“George and Rich continue to produce a program and team that is able to compete at the highest levels of cycling while concentrating on development of riders and the sport. This combination of successful competition and development is unparalleled in cycling, and it is exciting to be part of the program next year,” Said title sponsor, Mark Holowesko, who has very high hopes for the future of the team.

The CEO of title sponsor, Citadel, has similar feelings towards this young group of riders, “Rich and George Hincapie are doing incredible work to provide the next generation with an opportunity to pursue their goals as professional cyclists. I’m very proud of what these young riders have accomplished and to support the team again in 2016, both as a sponsor and as a fan.” The former Hincapie racing team has time, and time again, shown that they are a top tier group of athletes that Infint is proud be partnered with. The knowledge and expertise on both ends of the partnership have allowed for Infinit and Hincapie to create a product that specially meets the teams needs both during and after the race. Even as the more developed riders move on to other stages in their career, they continue to be replaced with true professionals that represent the sport of cycling as well as any. As the team has continued to improve Craven has begun to consider the move up to the next level of competition. He would like to move to the Pro-Continental level within the next two years to be able to establish a European base and expand the team and staff even further.

“I would perceive that we’re able to have a bigger team — not a development team — a bigger schedule, race more races, with about the same number of guys. I would think that, budget-wise, we could try and keep those guys, and yeah I want to get those guys to the WorldTour. I don’t want to get them on some Pro Continental team that they’re going to be miserable on. But I think that if we can grow, and provide them with a schedule that’s as good as a Pro Continental team, they’d stay. It’s a team. We have a great time, we travel together, we laugh together, we hang out. That’s what makes the racing so much better for us.”