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Miles Johnson

If You Slow Down, You Go Down

Tom Cawood pushing his wife in his bike, text "If you slow down, you go down"

At age 81, INFINIT user, Tom Cawood, accomplished what many others only dream of. He rode his bike across country, dipping his bike tire in the Pacific Ocean and then again in the Atlantic just a couple short months later. Below is Tom's story, which is an inspiration and a reminder to all of us to never slow down!

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Ryan Petry Takes on Leadville

Ryan Petry on a bike, text "Ryan Petry Professional Mountain Biker"

Saturday August 13th is the return of one of the oldest and most well-known endurance mountain bike races in the world, the Leadville 100.  Leadville hosts some of the biggest names in the sport and has come to be known as one of the most physically demanding races in the United States.  With a starting elevation of over 10,000 feet and climbs reaching 12,000 this 100-mile trek challenges even the toughest riders.  As a race that was originally started on 1994 as an effort to bring work to Leadville's mining community, Leadville has grown in publicity and popularity substantially over the last two decades. The race originally had 150 participants and has grown to 1,400 today, all whom must earn a spot or be selected to compete.

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Olympian: Frankie Andreu

Image of Frankie Andreu and the olympic flag, text "Frankie Andreu 1996 Olympics"
Before Frankie Andreu's time competeing in the Tour de France, his number one dream was becoming an Olympian. The following is an artcle written by Frankie himself detailing some of what it means to be an Olympian.

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Olympian Interview: Brian and Caitlin Gregg

Brian Gregg posing nex to the Olympic Rings, text "team Gregg"
With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio fast approaching INFINIT wanted to get an idea of just what being an Olympian really means.  To do so, we reached out to Brian and Caitlin Gregg, two Olympic skiers and INFINIT athletes, to see what it really means to represent your home nation on a world stage.

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Hydration in the Dairyland

Start of the Dairyland Criterium, text "Hydration in the Dairyland"
Late June in Wisconsin, features the Tour of Americas Dairyland Criterium Race with race temperatures in the High 90’s, high humidity, hot pavement, and a real feel of close to 110 degrees at the start line. In a race with conditions as brutal as these and racers going all out for the majority of the race, hydration is a major key to success at the TOAD.  Racers from around the world come to compete in this legendary ten-day racing event, including two members of the KHS team, which INFINIT proudly sponsors, Innokenty Zavylov and Duban Sanches. 

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Maverick Multisport

Maverick Multisport team riding together, text "Maverick Multisport"
Maverick Multisport is a team of individuals all working towards one goal, to improve one another in the sport of triathlon and to help the community surrounding the sport.  Maverick is a professional triathlon team based out of the United States that was started by team Director Chris Hutchens in 2012.  The team began as a way for Chris, and three pro triathletes, to secure sponsorship from companies like INFINIT Nutrition.  Today the team has grown to become something Chris had never really imagined.  The team now consists of seven pros, roughly 20 age groupers, and a youth development team to help build up the triathletes of tomorrow.

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What it Takes to Tour

Frankie Andreu Cycling at the front of a race, text "What it Takes to Tour"
When it comes to the Tour de France, and cycling as a whole, few are known to be as knowledgeable as Frankie Andreu. Frankie raced the Tour nine times, from 1992 to 2000, and captained the United States Postal Service team from 1998-2000. The following is a look at what goes through the heads of riders and what goes on behind the scenes before the Tour written by Frankie himself:

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Interview with Air Force Veteran and Triathlete, Nick Chase

Nick Chase Running, text "Nicholas Chase. Professional Triathlete"

Recently, I was able to get in touch with Nick Chase.  Nick is a former active U.S. Air Force member, and even competed on the Air Force triathlon team. After leaving the military Nick started his own coaching company and continues to coach athletes in a variety of endurance sports.  Chase is also working on earning his 4th degree, this most recent one in biology.  Nick has worked with INFINIT since 2015 to create his own custom formulas for his triathlons and took time out of his day to let us know a little more about himself.  

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