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  1. HYDRATE Essential Hydration Multi-serving eco-pack and 2 serving to-go packet
    :HYDRATE Essential Hydration
    As low as €3.50

    Our lightest hydration formula — Designed to energize, hydrate and replenish before and during workouts up to 90 minutes, and for everyday hydration.

    • Light 92 calorie formula made for pre-workout and intra-workout hydration and energy.
    • Made with 5 electrolytes including natural sea salt to replenish the body and naturally light and refreshing flavor to provide the best possible taste.
    • Available in 2 Varieties — Including beta alanine and 125 mg of caffeine for explosive energy.
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  2. JET FUEL explosive energy - Multi-serving bag and single-serving packet
    :JET FUEL Explosive Energy
    As low as €2.50

    An isotonic sports drink mix designed to fuel and hydrate you through high-intensity efforts. Scientifically formulated with glucose and boosted with caffeine for explosive energy.

    • Uses three different carbohydrates to allow the body to process calories up to 30% more efficiently.
    • Made with clean ingredients — Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.
    • Boosted with 125 mg of caffeine for explosive energy.
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  3. SPEED high intensity fuel - Natural electrolyte hydration and energy drink mix - Multi and single serving packs
    :SPEED High-Intensity Fuel
    As low as €2.50

    An isotonic sports drink mix designed to be an all-in-one formula with higher percentage of glucose for explosive energy. 

    • Naturally isotonic for rapid absorption.
    • Uses three different carbohydrates (maltodextrin, glucose and sucrose) to allow the body to process calories up to 30% more efficiently.
    • Made with clean ingredients — Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.
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  4. :GO FAR Endurance Fuel
    :GO FAR Endurance Fuel
    As low as €3.00

    A natural all-in-one isotonic drink mix specifically formulated to give you the nutrition you need to go strong all day long — Eliminating the need to carry gels, food, chews or salt pills.

    Fuel and hydration for workouts lasting 3 hours or more. Blended with carbs, electrolytes, and hunger fighting protein to keep you going strong hour after hour.

    • All-in-one endurance sports fuel for workouts over 3 hours — Just drink a bottle an hour.
    • Isotonic to ensure maximum absorption and needed tolerance for your body.
    • Contains heat stable protein to curb hunger & keep blood sugar steady.
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  5. REPAIR Complete Recovery by INFINIT Nutrition Vanilla and Chocolate Multiserving and Single Serve Packages
    :REPAIR Complete Recovery
    As low as €3.50

    REPAIR is a post-workout protein recovery drink mix formulated specifically to replenish muscle glycogen and have a prolonged release of protein in order to contribute to maintenance of muscle mass, and hydrate with a light flavor that makes it easy to drink immediately after a workout.

    • Combines multiple carbs and three complete proteins to provide quick acting and sustained nutrition.
    • Formulated with BCAAs, Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine, plus Glutamine for fast acting recovery.
    • Clean natural ingredients — No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or thickeners.
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  6. NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge Multiserving eco-package
    :NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge
    As low as €3.00

    NOCTURNE is a custom-blended chocolaty treat packed with slow absorbing casein protein, premium whey protein isolate and omega-3 rich ground flax seed. Designed to soothe tired muscles and help with post-workout muscle maintenance overnight.

    • Replenishes glycogen stores
    • Made with slow absorbing casein protein to fully utilize the post-workout anabolic window
    • With added tryptophan to facilitate relaxation
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  7. COLD BREW Instant Protein Coffee
    COLD BREW Instant Protein Coffee
    As low as €3.00

    Bold cold brew coffee meets protein powder — Made with real coffee, blended with a hint of cream, and packed with 19 grams of pure Irish grass-fed whey isolate. This delicious mix is perfect for kickstarting your day, a post-workout boost, or a satisfying afternoon pick-me-up.

    • Ready-to-mix “proffee” coffee protein powder.
    • 19 grams of pure Irish grass-fed whey protein isolate per serving.
    • 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving from real coffee.
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  8. INFINIT BlenderBottle® (820 ml)
    INFINIT BlenderBottle® (820 ml)
    As low as €9.99

    28oz BlenderBottle® Classic featuring the INFINIT logo. Perfect to mix up your favorite INFINIT mix or to take on-the-go for daily hydration.

    •   Available in two colors — Blue & Clear
    •   Safe, nontoxic, taste-free material
    •   BPA and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe
    •   Screw-on lid creates leak-proof seal
    •   Flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained
    •   Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops
    •   Features markings to measure ounces & milliliters

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