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INFINIT Starter Pack

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Interested in what INFINIT is about? Keen to try out all our formulas?

INFINIT Starter Pack is a great option to test all our formulas in action. Whether it is a short activity or proper endurance, we've got you covered. Together with our recovery treats such as :REPAIR or :NOCTURNE. 

Try all of our most popular Preset formulas before committing to a larger bag. And it's a pretty big DEAL...


INFINIT Full Pack provides a great opportunity to try out all our amazing formulas. The Full Pack will provide you with formulas for short high intensity trainings, but also the long endurance sessions. After the hard work, you will have the chance to enjoy a well deserved treat in the form of one of our recovery formulas.

Enjoy testing and #beinfinit

The INFINIT Starter Pack includes:

  • :HYDRATE (2 servings pack)
  • :HYDRATE Caffeine boost (2 servings pack)
  • :JET FUEL Explosive Energy (single serving pack)
  • :SPEED High Intensity (single serving pack)
  • :GO FAR Orange & :GO FAR Fruit Punch (2x single serving pack)
  • :REPAIR complete recovery Chocolate (single serving pack)
  • :NOCTURNE nighttime recovery (single serving pack)
  • INFINIT 600ml bottle