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2021 Team INFINIT Athletes

Team INFINIT Athelets

Meet the athletes that make up the Team INFINIT Elite roster. We’re proud to fuel these incredible athletes as they chase their dreams and embody the #IamINFINIT spirit.


30x 70.3 Distance Champion
60x 1st Place Finisher
Andy Potts Professional Triathlete8x Ironman Champion
4x USAT Triathlete of the Year
2007 Ironman 70.3 World Champion
2004 US Olympic Team Member
2019 Ironman Brazil - 1st Overall
2019 Challenge Cancun - 1st Overall

In the sport of Triathlon, few names elicit the same reaction as Andy Potts. If you have ever been at a race with him, or have had the opportunity to talk to him, you will know why people regard him as “The Good Guy of Triathlon.” Dedicated father and athlete, Potts has a gained a sizable following over the 15+ years he's been racing at the professional level.

Andy’s career started at the University of Michigan, where he swam for four years and was a 6-time all American while also competing on the Wolverines track team his final year of college. His multifaceted college career served as a springboard for him into the world of triathlon.

"Where has this been all my life? I wish I had found Infinit earlier on in my career"

In 2003, Andy was the USA Triathlon rookie of the year and in 2004, Andy represented The United States at the Olympics after being a professional triathlete for less than 22 months. Three years later, in 2007, Andy won gold at the Pan-American games in triathlon, won Ironman 70.3 Worlds, and was USAT’s triathlete of the year, an award he would win again in 2008.

With his own custom blends, Andy’s nutrition is dialed in perfectly as he adds to his impressive record of 28 Ironman 70.3 victories and over 50 first-place finishes.

Fun Facts About Andy:

∞ He is one of those rare few who don’t drink coffee!
∞ His go to INFINIT Recovery product is his Custom Protein Blend

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Rachel Langdon

2020 Tour of Murrietta - 2nd Overall
2019 Reading Radsport Festival CRIT - 2nd Hill Climb
2019 Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 4 - 1st
2019 Commerce Criterium - 3rd
2019 Tour of American Dairylands - Stage Winner
2019 Tour of the Southern Highlands GC - 1st Overall & 2 Stage Wins
2018 Colorado Classic - 5th Overall
2018 Tour of Grandview - 1st Overall
2018 Barry Roubaix 62 Mile Open - 1st Overall Female
2017 Sugar Branch GP of Cyclocross - 1st Overall

Rachel Langdon, originally from England, currently lives in Kentucky where she came to play soccer for the Murray State Racers. After helping guide her team to two conference titles, Rachel tried her hand in triathlon (making it to Ironman 70.3 world championships in 2015), but soon after she realized her true passion rested solely on the bike.

“INFINIT works for whatever you need it for. I have done triathlons, Ironmans, Endurance Bike races, Criteriums and Cyclocross. No matter the distance, the weather, INFINIT is the only nutrition that is easy to use, doesn’t give me GI distress and WORKS!”

Rachel began competing in cyclocross races, and quickly moved from Cat 4 to Cat 2 in cyclocross and road racing in just her first year, and she has been continuing to make a name for herself in women's cycling ever since.

Fun Facts About Rachel:

∞ She won Most Badass jersey at the Colorado Classic in 2019
∞ Her go to INFINIT products for AM training sessions are Mud and Cold Brew!

Instagram Icon  Rachel on Instagram @rachlong11


2021 Challenge Miami - 3rd Overall
2017, 2018, & 2019 Escape from Alcatraz Champion
2017 70.3 World Championships - 2nd Overall
2017 Island House Triathlon Champion
2016 US Mixed Team Relay World Champion Team Member
2016 Olympian (Triathlon)
2012 Collegiate National Champion

Ben Kanute is a professional triathlete living in Phoenix, Arizona. Introduced to triathlon by his father at the age of 7, Ben is a unique athlete that excells at every distance.

This is Ben’s first year on Team INFINIT but he has already seen great results in 2021 with an early season 3rd place finish at Challenge Miami fueled by his custom endurance and speed blends.

“I love that I can adjust the taste. I have tried so many sports drinks over the years that make me feel even more thirsty because of how thick tasting and sugary they can be.”

Fun Facts About Ben:

∞ Ben did his first triathlon when he was only 8 years old
∞ Ben was a 2016 Olympian and is targeting another Olympic spot in 2021
∞ Ben became a first time dad at the end of 2020

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5x Road World Championship Team Member
2019 Iceman Cometh - 1st Overall
2018 Iceman Cometh - 2nd Overall
2017 US Pro Road National Championships - 3rd Overall
2017 Criterium Dauphine (Stage 3) - 5th Overall
2016 US Pro Time Trial National Championships - 3rd Overall

Alexey Vermeulen started cycling because of his grandfather. He began as a road cyclist, and had dreams of making it on the World Tour. Alexey has since transitioned to the mud and dirt, and has found much success as a competitive mountain biker.

Fun Facts About Alexey:

∞ He and Ryan Petry are training 3 novice mountain bikers for the Leadville 100 MTB race in 2021 in the “From the Ground Up” challenge

Instagram Icon  Follow Alexey on Instagram @alexeyvermeulen


SUP Paddle League World Ranking - 24th
2019 Molokai 2 Oahu World Champs - 3rd Overall Female & 13th Overall SUP
Jenn Lee Professional Paddle Boarder2018 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships SUP Solo - 32 Mile Kaiwi Channel - 4th
2018 Maui 2 Molokai Elite Solo SUP - 27 Mile Pailolo Channel - 3rd
2018 Kanaka Ikaika Race Points Series - 1st SUP Women
2018 Kanaka Ikaika Waterman Series (SUP, Surfski, OC1, Prone) - 2nd Women

In 2010, Jenn Lee picked up the sport of Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP) as a mode of transportation to her job as a surf instructor in Waikiki. Just months after she learned how to paddle she found herself placing 2nd in her age group at Battle of the Paddle, Hawaii. From there she dove head first into the paddling scene by completing a challenging, 40 mile solo stretch from Catalina Island to Dana Point (during a storm)! Following it up 2 days later by doing it again as part of a 2 women relay team, winning the division. Since then Jenn has competed as an elite level female pro SUP Race athlete and is 1 of only 3 women in the world to have completed Molokai 2 Oahu Solo SUP 5 years in a row.

In 2018, Jenn added surfski and outrigger canoe to her list of paddle sports. In addition to becoming the first woman to do all four events, she did them all in one year along with maintaining a full elite level SUP and age group level outrigger canoe schedule.

Outside of training and racing Jenn manages Hook-Up-Surfing which is a surfing and SUP school on Oahu in Hawaii. Jenn is an avid surfer, SUP surfer, surf and SUP coach as well as a USAT Level 2E triathlon coach. Her favorite part of her work is getting to teach surfing and SUP to those who serve others.

Fun Facts About Jenn:

∞ She has her Masters from UC Berkeley
∞ She helps sick and injured animals in her free time

Instagram Icon  Follow Jenn on Instagram @jennjlee

Ryan Petry

2019 Grand Traverse - 1st Overall
2018 Leadville 100 MTB - 6th Overall
2018 Silver Rush 50 - 1st Overall
2018 Barn Burner 104 - 1st Overall
2018 Haute Route Rockies - 2nd Overall
2018 XTERRA World Championships Triathlon - 6th Overall

Ryan Petry is a professional cross country mountain biker, and is finding that he just loves anything that challenges his endurance. Beginning as a runner throughout childhood, discovering triathlon and Xterra while in college at Arizona State University,

Ryan began to realize that his strengths on the bike really shined once the races got longer, steeper, and tougher. With this in mind he began focusing on endurance mountain biking in 2014 competing in races like the Leadville 100. Over the past 6 years while living in Boulder, Colorado he really seems to have perfected his craft. Ryan is a current iFit trainer, where over 10,000 users ‘ride’ along with him on different filmed workouts from across the globe. iFit is the coaching platform for NordicTrack stationary equipment.

Fun Facts About Ryan:

∞ He and Alexey Vermeulen are training 3 novice mountain bikers for the Leadville 100 MTB race in 2021 in the “From the Ground Up” challenge

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Tony Kanaan IndyCar Series Champion
2013 Indianapolis 500 Champion
2004 IndyCar Series Champion

Tony Kanaan is a professional IndyCar Driver with Chip Gnassi Racing. The 46 year old Brazilian’s career started in 1998 where he was voted “Rookie of the Year”. Not only is Tony the “Ironman” of IndyCar Racing, but he is also a Zwift regular and competes in triathlons, having even raced Kona. Tony is the perfect example of how INFINIT’s formulas can crossover between many different sports.His fueling strategy includes his own custom blends along with Go Far, Hydrate, Jet Fuel, and Repair.

"I've worked with INFINIT for around 10 years. INFINIT always tastes good, even when the car is 120 degrees it performs. It’s got everything I need in one drink, whether it’s my custom formulas designed for my specific training and racing needs."

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2019 Half Marathon National Snowshoe Champion
2019 Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant - 7th Pro Female (70.3 World Championship Qualification)
2019 Ironman 70.3 Austria - 8th Pro Female
2019 Ironman 70.3 Switzerland - 7th Pro
2018 70.3 Dun Luoghaire - 3rd Pro
2015 Iceland Ultramarathon Champion
3x National Snowshoe Champion
2014 Ironman Lake Placid Champion

Amber Ferreira is much more than just a professional triathlete. Amber is an all-around endurance MACHINE, a long-time member of Team INFINIT, a dedicated coach, and a physical therapist.

Amber ran at the collegiate level at Northeastern University, but it wasn’t until after college that she decided to expand her competitive horizons by looking to triathlon and other endurance running sports.

"My belief as a coach and professional athlete is that if you are a woman and want to race, maintain muscle and be more durable, protein is a must!"

Amber has been using INFINIT products in every endurance event that she has entered and has continued to find success at the highest level. “Setting up my INFINIT mixes was super easy and actually fun. It took only about 15 minutes and they were great. During the call the Dietitian taught me everything I needed to know about my blends, I didn’t need any expertise, I just answered their questions and they did all the work for me. I was able to tweak my custom INFINIT formula for long course and short course racing to maximize my potential and abolish any GI issues.”

Fun Facts About Amber:

∞ She’s expecting her first child later this year!
∞ She's a firm believer in recovery donuts.

Instagram Icon  Follow Amber on Instagram @amberdferreira


2020 Coldwater Rumble 20 Mile - 1st
2019 Lean Horse 100 - 1st
2019 Last Man Standing World Championship - 19th
2018 Sawmill Trail Runs - 2nd
2018 Badwater 135 - 3rd
2017 Spartathlon 153mi - 3rd American
2017 Kickers for Kids 50K - 1st
2017 Keys 100 - 1st
2017 Antelope Canyon 50 - 3rd

Don Reichelt started ultra running in 2014, and will openly admit that he wasn’t very good; pushing course cutoffs and finishing near the back of the pack. But he knew he loved it and wanted to do better. Don put in the time, dedication, and hard work day in and day out, he slowly went from the back of the pack to the front of the pack and took his 100 mile personal best down to 13:16 in 2020

In 2021, Don is looking forward to pushing his boundaries not as an ultra runner, but as a runner who does ultras. Don's 2021 plans are to push limits in the high mountains and return to the Leadville 100, the site of his first 100 miler back in 2015

Fun Facts About Don:

∞ His traditional meal the night before a race is a pizza and a single beer
∞ He loves listening to audiobooks during long runs
∞ After college, he spent two years working as a nursing assistant at an inpatient psychiatric facility

Instagram Icon  Follow Don on Instagram @runwithdon


2020 USA Elite Trail Marathon Nationals - 8th Overall
2019 Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells - 6th Female Elite
2019 Big Savage Challenge - 1st Female Elite
2019 Tacoma Half Marathon - 1st Female Overall
2018 Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa - 5th Female Elite
2018 Ironman 70.3 Victoria - 6th Female Elite
2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championships - 5th

Alycia Hill is a professional triathlete living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s currently working at the University of Utah in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine as a Nurse Practitioner, all while racing triathlons professionally.

Alycia was introduced to triathlon by her father and it is something she has grown to love and has been blessed to share with him over the past few years, "I enjoy competing in triathlon because of the welcoming endurance community, and because every time I toe the line to race it is a chance to push myself beyond limits that I ever thought possible."

Alycia has been using INFINIT nutrition for 6 years. She loves to be able to customize her formula, and loves that she doesn’t have to worry about any added colors or chemicals.

Fun Facts About Alycia:

∞ She was the first woman to "Everest" in Utah in 2020
∞ Her favorite day of the week is Friday because it's the weekend and for her that means PIZZA

Instagram Icon  Follow Alycia on Instagram @alycia.hill


4x 24 Hour National Championship winner
4x 24 hours of Moab Champion
Josh Tostado Professional Mountain Biker2x Montezuma's Revenge 24-hour solo Race Champion
2020 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Solo Champion
2019 Butte 100 - 1st Overall
2019 Royal Gorge 12 Hour - 1st
2019 Buena Vista 720 - 1st
2019 Sedona Big Friggin Loop - 1st
2019 Tommy Knocker 10 Hour - 1st
2018-2019 Salida 720 - 1st
2018 Tommy Knocker 10 Hour - 1st
2018 12 Hour in the Wild West - 1st

Josh Tostado is one of the longest standing members of Team INFINIT.

His first race, Montezuma's Revenge, was a 24-hour bike marathon that Josh entered just to see if he could even compete. Turns out he could, and he went on to take 4th place in the race. A race that is generally reserved for only the most experienced riders. He came back just two years later and not only won the race, but also set records for both distance and altitude, as he rode 156 miles with 32,350 feet of altitude change over 24 hours.

"I like to be able to make a mix how I want it, and because it works. I feel like I can perform up to my potential when I use INFINIT."

Throughout his career, Josh has won the Breckenridge 100 seven times, making him the most decorated athlete in the history of the event. Josh also is a 4-time 24-Hour Solo National Champion, placing second in 24-hour solo worlds in 2015, and third in 2017.

Fun Facts About Josh:

∞ He travels the U.S. in his van that he converted into a home
∞ You can find Josh at the INFINIT Booth at many west coast events

Instagram Icon  Follow Josh on Instagram @joshtostado


2020 Ironman 70.3 Arizona - 6th Overall
2019 Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga - 6th AG
2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher
2019 Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa - 6th AG
2019 Indian Wells 70.3 - 6th AG
2019 OC Triathlon - 1st AG, 7th Overall Female
2019 Santa Barbara Sprint Triathlon - 1st Overall Female
2018 USAT Age Group Nationals Finisher

In 2016, Christine Warren broke both of her ankles within 10 months of each other. She was determined to heal up her body and put her health first. After completely recovering her ankles she started group fitness classes and running.

After taking on a few small races, she decided to pursue triathlon. While racing in the Long Beach Spring Triathlon, Chrstine took first in her age group, 5th overall female, and qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals, a pretty nice way to start a career!

"The ability to completely customize my blends has allowed me to fuel all my different workouts so that I can perform my best and also utilize my recovery."

Christine feels triathlon has profoundly changed her like, providing the confidence, pride and sense of balance. She enjoys the challenge of training every day and loves the amazing community in the sport.

Along with her triathlon career, Christine is a professional oboist in the Los Angeles area. She plays for symphonies, operas, musicals, movies and TV.

Fun Facts About Christine:

∞ She’s 100% vegan!
∞ She raced on the equestrian team in college
∞ Her favorite INFINIT flavor is Watermelon

Instagram Icon  Follow Christine on Instagram @christine.m.warren


2019 Ironman Lake Placid - 1st Overall
2019 Ironman 70.3 Texas - 3rd Overall
2018 Ironman World Championships - 6th Overall
2018 Ironman Chattanooga - 2nd Overall
2018 Ironman Mont Tremblant - 3rd Overall
2018 Ironman Canada - 3rd Overall

Matt Russell grew up on a small farm in Lisbon, NY, and played soccer, basketball and baseball as a child. He started his endurance training in high school, where he ran cross country and track. After High School, Matt attended the University of New Hampshire and started competing on the cycling and track & field teams.

During college, Matt was named the Division 1 New England Champion in the 3000 steeplechase, and also trained and raced in two marathons within 20 days of each other, the challenge of which ignited the passion to challenge his endurance. He graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.

In 2010, Russell learned how to swim and immediately starting making his mark in the triathlon world, earning his pro card in just his second triathlon. Since then Russell has raced in over 45 full Ironmans and is now one of the top American athletes at the Ironman distance.

"INFINIT has been a huge advantage in my training and racing. Their recovery formulas helped me train hard day after day, and my custom hydration blends are dialed in perfectly."

Matt Russell was on track for a top 10 finish at the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona when he was struck by a van 75 miles into the bike portion of the race. Even after the accident, and sustaining life-threatening injuries to his face and neck, he was determined to return to triathlon.

Matt went on to have an unbelievable comeback season in 2018. Accepting a wild card spot, Matt returned to Kona to race the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship where he finished 6th overall on the same course where his traumatic accident had occurred just one year before.

Fun Facts About Matt:

∞ Since his accident in 2017, he does all his bike training indoors
∞ His go-to protein is INFINIT’s Custom Vegan Protein
∞ He truly believes in living each day to the fullest

Instagram Icon  Follow Matt on Instagram @mattrusselltri


2021 Tour of St. Louis Criterium CAT 1/2/Open - 3rd Overall
2019 Wisconsin Off Road Series - Elite Cat 1 XC Midwest Regional Champion
2019 STXC - Elite Cat 1 XC Midwest Regional Champion
2019 Tour of Dairyland - 4th Cat 3/4/5
2019 Hanson Hills XC - 1st Overall Female
2019 Yankee Springs TT - 3rd Overall Female
2019 Sea Otter Classic - 6th Cat 1, 19-29 AG
2019 Cherry-Roubaix - Cat 4 State Champion & 2nd Overall Female
2018 Sea Otter Classic - 8th Place AG Finish
2018 White Tank Whirlwind AZ - 2nd Place AG Finish
2017 USAC XC Elite State Champion
2016 CAT 1 Michigan State Champion
2016 Iceman Cometh Challenge - 2nd place Female

One of the youngest members of Team INFINIT, Maddy Frank has always embodied the competitive spirit. At a mere 6 years old, she started riding BMX with her dad and his friends, and was immediately hooked on biking. At 10, she started doing cyclocross and fell in love with the electric atmosphere of racing.

"Thank you so much for quality protein ingredients, it really makes a difference!"

Maddy has raced triathlons, criteriums, fat bike, and duathlons. Through all of these experiences, and with her family to support and push her along, she discovered a deep passion for mountain biking.

Maddy started her collegiate career riding for the Lindenwood University D1 Varsity Cycling team last fall, and is working towards her Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences with a Pre Med focus.

Fun Facts About Maddy:

∞ She has been on Team Infinit for five years
∞ She’s an aspiring cardiologist
∞ Her favorite INFINIT Recovery treat is :REPAIR

Instagram Icon  Follow Maddy on Instagram @maddyfrank1


2020 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - 2nd Solo Male
2019 NUE True Grit Epic - 1st Overall
2019 Prickly Pedal - 2nd Pro Male
2019 Papago 6 Hour - 1st (New Solo Male Course Record)
2018 True Grit Epic NUE - 1st
2018 24 Hours in Old Pueblo Solo - 1st Overall
2018 24 Hour World Championships - 2nd Overall
2017 True Grit Epic NUE - 1st

Taylor Lideen grew up racing motocross, but decided to give the whole "pedal bike thing" a try based on his dad's recommendations. After his very first ride on a neighbor’s old, beaten up trail bike, he was hooked. In his early career, Taylor competed in downhill and gravity events.

It didn't take long to realize that with his body type and stamina, his true talent was in riding both UP and DOWN the hill. The 2014-2015 season introduced Taylor to enduro racing where he dominated the amature field, taking first overall in the Big Mountain Enduro Series.

In 2016, Taylor decided to return to his roots of endurance racing and jumped headfirst back in to the game. In his rookie year as a pro MTB racer, he took 3rd overall in the National Ultra Endurance Series. As it turned out, this style of racing was where his heart lie.

In 2017, Taylor was introduced to INFINIT Nutrition. He was desperate for relief from long standing GI issues, and after working closely with the naturopathic doctor who referred him, Taylor created his own INFINIT custom formula. After his stomach issues were taken care of, and nutrition was dialed in, he was able to put more energy and focus on his riding.

Fun Facts About Taylor:

∞ He fueled his 2020 24HOP with his custom blend and a few :Raw Protein Cookies
∞ His favorite INFINIT flavors are Orange and Fruit Punch
∞ His biggest pet peeve is when people don’t put away their grocery carts

Instagram Icon  Follow Taylor on Instagram @tlideen


2019 Nagajung Peak 17,060’ (5,200m), Himalayas, Nepal
2019 Island Peak 20,305’ (6,189m), Himalayas, Nepal
2018 Pisco Peak 18,871’ (5,752m), Cordillera Blanca, Peru
2018 Chopicalqui 20,846’ (6,354m), Cordillera Blanca, Peru
2017 Pico Orizaba 18,491’ (5,636m), Mexico
2016 Mt. Rainier 14,411’ (4,392 m), Emmons route, USA
2015 Mount Baker 10,781’ (3,286m), USA
2015 Mt. Rainier 14,411’ (4,392 m), Kautz Glacier route, USA
2014 FINA Open Water World Championship - 21st overall (1st American in AG)
2013 USMS Open Water 2.3 mile - 1st place (age group)

Elizabeth is an all-around athlete — from Open Water Swimming to Olympic Weightlifting, from Trail Running to Alpine Climbing.

In 2012 Liz joined U.S. Masters Swimming and started competing in open water swimming. Shortly after joining, she qualified to swim at the World Championship where she placed 1st American in her age group. In 2014, she decided to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone by climbing the toughest route up Mount Rainier.

This was to be the start of a life changing love affair with the mountains, since then she has climbed some of the most iconic peaks in the Himalayas, Mexico and the Andes.

"Every time I take my custom blend I feel like an overachiever, I can go effortless for hours, it's like a superpower drink that is actually good for your body!"

In January of 2020 she attempted to climb the highest mountain in America Aconcagua where she suffered from Pulmonary and Cerebral Edema. But her journey doesn't stop there.

She learned that climbing is about overcoming yourself. It’s about transforming long, exhausting hours in the mountains into strength. About taking in failures, and pushing herself to even more fit, driven, and resilient for the next adventure.

Fun Facts About Liz:

∞ Cold Brew is her favorite midday pick me up
∞ She has a degree in Fashion Design
∞ She is a pizza lover and pancake addict

Instagram Icon  Follow Liz on Instagram @lizbarbosa


2021 Challenge Miami - 16th Overall Pro
2019 St. Anthony's - 5th Overall
2019 Ironman 70.3 Victoria - 10th Overall
2019 Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga - 12th Overall
2019 North American Championships (St. George) - 18th Overall
2019 Westman Islands Half Marathon - 1st Overall
2018 Super Seal Olympic Triathlon - 1st Overall
2012 and 2013 U.S. Air Force Triathlon Team

Nick Chase is a professional triathlete and returning member of Team INFINIT. As a ten year veteran of the United States Air Force and life-long athlete, Nick found that triathlon tested both his mental and physical limits unlike anything else.

During his time in the military Nick competed in a variety of sports from soccer, to powerlifting, and even kiteboarding. After hitting his stride in triathlon, Nick traded in his kiteboard for a new Cannondale bike, and decided to dedicate the majority of his time to training and competing in the sport. Nick went on to compete for the highly selective Air Force triathlon team where he was able to push himself against some of the best athletes in the US armed forces.

Today, Nick continues to compete in triathlon, has started coaching with Braveheart Racing, and is on the Pewag professional racing team. Chase has dedicated his life to triathlon and trains with his wife, and fellow Ironman triathlete, Karen.

Fun Facts About Nick:

∞ He likes to try new foods and travel
∞ He is one of the hosts of The Real Triathlon Podcast
∞ He does calf raises before and after every run and bike!

Instagram Icon  Follow Nick on Instagram @race_chase


2019 Ironman 70.3 Ohio - 1st AG (5th Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Maryland - 1st Overall AG Finisher (2nd Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 - 1st Overall AG Finisher (3rd Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 - 1st Overall AG Finisher
2018 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 - 1st Overall AG Finish
2 x Kona World Championship Finisher

Ginny Cataldi found triathlon while going through a dark point in her life. She felt incomplete, like she was missing something. She knew she needed to make a change so a friend suggested that she train for a triathlon. Ginny had swam in college but had vowed never to get into a pool again. With no bike, and minimal running experience, she reluctantly agreed.

"INFINIT takes the guesswork out of nutrition needs and gives me THE ultimate plan."

With 2 months of training under her belt, Ginny competed in an Olympic Plus distance race. As she neared the finish line she heard somebody yelling, “Here she comes! The first female!” Ginny did not really understand what that meant until she heard the announcer saying, “Congratulations Ginny Cataldi! Our first female finisher from Phoenixville PA.” She was flying high, but not because she had won her first race. It was because she had accomplished something that made her feel alive and free. She was happy, hungry and wanted more. From this first tri experience to being a 2x Kona finisher, Ginny has developed a passion to compete.

Fun Facts About Ginny:

∞ She’s a highschool art teacher and a mom of two
∞ Her favorite INFINIT product is Peppermint Mocha Mud

Instagram Icon  Follow Ginny on Instagram @ginnylovestri24


2x IM World Championship Finisher
2020 Ironman 70.3 Arizona - 2nd Overall, 1st AG
2019 Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga - 1st AG
2018 Ironman Texas - 2nd AG
2018 Ironman 70.3 Couer d’Alene - 1st AG
2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher
2016 Ironman Arizona - 1st AG

Born and raised in Hood River, OR, Kayla Bowker is a small town girl at heart, with a desire for adventure. Kayla attended Gonzaga University where she earned a Biology degree. Kayla’s permanent residence is now Spokane, WA where she lives, works and trains.

Kayla got into triathlon as way to find herself during a rough patch in her life, “I remember riding my mom's old touring bike (with crotch rocket gears and a rack for backpacks on the back of it) in the middle of an Olympic distance race thinking, ‘this is the best thing ever.’ It allowed me to find passion, faith, and strength in myself again.” Since then, she has made it her mission to help others find that very same thing, recently through the development of her coaching business, and through the documentation of her journey in her popular blog and Instagram Where Your Feet Take You.

"I started using INFINIT three years ago and since then I have come to love everything about it. It was the only product that really allowed me to chase my dreams without having to chase a porta potty."

INFINIT has not only played a huge factor in her success as an athlete but as coach as well because it provides an easy way for Kayla to help others nail their race day nutrition as they journey to their own finish line.

Fun Facts About Kayla:

∞ She is expecting her second child later this year!
∞ Her favorite INFINIT Flavor is watermelon

Instagram Icon  Follow Kayla on Instagram @where_your_feet_take_you