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Nutrition to Maximize Results

INFINIT was started by a group of athletes with one goal: To create a better way to hydrate, fuel, and recover.

Without the right hydration and fueling strategy, your body simply cannot perform at its best during a workout. Without nourishing yourself after, you can’t recover and be 100% ready to go for the next one.

So at INFINIT, we do the work for you putting everything you need to succeed right in your bottle. Creating perfect custom-tailored performance nutrition solutions to meet your unique needs and goals. Allowing you to push harder, train longer, get stronger, and recover smarter. All you have to do is drink, put in your work, and reap the benefits.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE — We don’t just give you one of five options off our shelf and call it “personalized.” We tailor formulas to match what each individual really needs for optimal performance. We carefully handcraft each blend, allowing you to personalize your drink by dialing in protein, caffeine, calories, carbs, aminos, flavor level, electrolytes & more. So you can push harder, train longer, get stronger, and recover smarter.
  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY - We use a combination of complex and simple carbohydrates to fuel and help stabilize blood sugar. Providing your body with clean energy to keep you going strong so you can give that last push at the end of the workout to rack up extra reps or shave off seconds.
  • CLEAN NATURAL INGREDIENTS — Made with natural clean ingredients. Zero artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or dyes. Naturally flavored and sweetened with pure cane sugar. Designed to taste good and go down easy, even in the most grueling conditions.

Your Nutrition, Personalized.

Get the most out of the hard work you put in by nourishing your body with clean nutrition tailored to your unique needs & goals.

Create your own energizing hydration drink mix to prime and rehydrate, and up your protein game to support lean muscle with a personalized protein powder blend.

Start from scratch or let a Registered Dietitian guide you through the process.

Our Most Popular Preset Blends

Situationally formulated to meet the needs of the masses, INFINIT Preset mixes are a great place to start.


  1. :JET FUEL Explosive Energy
    :JET FUEL Explosive Energy
    As low as €2.50