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Nutrition to Go the Distance

INFINIT was started by a group of endurance athletes with one goal: To create an all-natural and simple way to fuel & hydrate out on the trail.

Without the right hydration and fueling strategy, your body simply cannot perform and go the distance. But carrying gels, bars, and baggies of food creates litter and trail trash, which can ruin native habitats and our shared wilderness experience.

With INFINIT, you can go all day, never get hungry and leave no trace. The best way to eliminate trail garbage is not to bring any. With INFINIT, you can.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE — We tailor formulas to match what each individual really needs. Allowing you to design your drink by dialing in calories, protein, carbs, flavor, electrolytes & more.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SIMPLICITY — Just drink a bottle an hour for all the nutrition you need to go the distance and not get hungry. No gels, bars, chews, or extra salt pills needed, guaranteed.
  • MAX ABSORPTION — Scientifically formulated to be isotonic, ensuring maximum absorption. INFINIT mixes are designed to taste good and go down easy, even on the longest days.

Your Nutrition, Personalized.

Get the most out of the hard work you put in by nourishing your body with clean nutrition tailored to your unique needs & goals.

Create your own energizing hydration drink mix to prime and rehydrate, and up your protein game to support lean muscle with a personalized protein powder blend.

Start from scratch or let a Registered Dietitian guide you through the process.

Our Most Popular Preset Blends

Situationally formulated to meet the needs of the masses, INFINIT Preset mixes are a great place to start.