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How much should I be drinking?

Q How much should I be drinking?

While we suggest drinking one serving of INFINIT in 600 - 700 ml of water, this may not be enough fluid to meet your personal needs, especially if you have a heavy sweat rate. 

Hydration is a huge component that determines how well the body can perform. 

Studies have shown that if you lose 2-3% of your body weight in water loss, you will also lose 5-15% of your watts (power output). If you are not drinking enough water, no matter how perfect your formulation is, you might be in for a long day. 

Our best recommendation: DO A SWEAT RATE TEST

Your hydration target will vary somewhat depending on the heat and humidity, but knowing your average hourly sweat rate is a crucial component to a good nutrition strategy. 

Need assistance with determining your hydration needs or analyzing your sweat rate test results? Connect with an INFINIT Registered Dietitian for personalized tips and recommendations.