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What People are Saying about INFINIT


Our athletes’ successes are the true proof. We take the ultimate pride in helping fuel our customers to reach their performance and athletic goals. Here are just a few of their INFINIT stories.

Patsy's Crew crossing the finish line at the 2018 Badwater 135

5th Overall Female at Badwater 135

"Just a note to let you know it went great at Badwater 135 miles with my Infinit formulas. This year was a historical record high temperature in Death Valley for the event and there was a 30% DNF."

Patsy R. — Puerto Rico

Best I've Felt with Nutrition

"Two weekends in a row on my new INFINIT.... 55 miles and 63. Awesome! Not hungry at all, not smashed after the ride. This might be the best I've felt with nutrition. No hunger, great energy."

Lee S. — North Carolina
Ilana's INFINIT Testimonial after her first IM 70.3

Cramp Free for Her First 70.3

"I just wanted to write a note to the good people at Infinit to say that I completed the Ohio 70.3 today (my first half Ironman) and the custom blend was amazing. The sleeves of my tri suit were white from sweat, but I didn't get a single cramp in the 7 hours and 16 min it took me to finish. Anyways, I was pretty pumped after crossing the finish line."

Ilana R. — New Jersey

Nutrition on Point for First 50 Miler

"Just wanted to take a second and say thank you! I have never been a long distance runner and when I got talked into signing up for a 50 miler I knew I needed to address nutrition. Through the grapevine I heard about your products. I called in and got some help building a custom blend for my longer runs and raceday. I could not be happier with the results. I can’t say my body didn’t hate me during the 50 miler but nutrition was never an issue! Your product kept me hydrated and moving moving forward the entire time! Thanks again for everything and keep doing what you do!"

Justin K. — Florida
Eric P Ultra Endurance Cyclist INFINIT Testimonial

42 Hours of Riding Fueled by His Custom Blend

"I wanted to give you guys a "thanks" for the recent mix... I just finished Hoodoo 512. We lost count, but went through at least 32, maybe 36 bottles of Eric's ENDURANCE Blend over 42 hours It was simple for the crew to just keep mixing bottles too. It was pretty much my only feed, except for a 300-400 calories of potato chips and part of Subway sandwich. No bonk, no cramps (that's a first for me, and it was hot in St. George). Awesome product, so impressive I could ride 40 hours and 500 miles on a (nearly) liquid diet, with no significant stomach issues."

Eric P. — Arizona

Solution to Ironman GI Issues

"I started using Infinit this year because I have had GI issues running Ironman and eating stomach upsetting gels, sugary drinks and solid food. Your Infinit product worked amazing for me!!! No GI issues, I finished with my second fastest time, after 8 Ironmans and felt great at the end end of the race, which allowed me to go to the finishers line at midnight and celebrate! Thanks so much for your help and will continue to use your great product."

Terry R. — Connecticut
Robert M Ultrarunner INFINIT Testimonial

I Wish I Had Known About It Sooner

"I literally just wrapped up a run close to 3 hours long. I covered 15.5 miles and only used my custom Infinit blend. All I can say is WOW! I didn’t cramp, feel thirsty, or have a dip in energy the entire time. I’m excited to use this more in my training. Thanks for helping me create this magical product. I wish I had known about it sooner."

Robert M. — Tennesee

Say 'Good Bye' to Gels and Nausea

"It was such a welcomed feeling to just focus on riding/running for the next hour instead of having to time gel consumption every 10-15 minutes. I did Ironman Santa Rosa with my INFINIT blends in my bike bottles and a bottle for my run special needs. Not only did I feel awesome coming off to run, I didn’t feel nauseous and smiled a bit as I heard those around me retching and throwing up, likely from the gels they had consumed. I was glad I was no longer in their position. This really has been the only thing that has worked incredibly well for me and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to anything else."

Kevin H. — California
Andrea Thumbs up at the Dirty Kanza Finish

Fueled First 200 Mile Gravel Race

"This was my first year doing the Dirty Kanza 200-mile gravel race. Actually, for that matter, it was my first time riding 200 miles period... The last thing you want to do on a 200-mile gravel adventure is to have a bunch of different foods to carry along with you. It was easy to carry Infinit in pre-measured sandwich bags I kept in my back pack. I carried 4 bottles with me on the course and attribute drinking one bottle of Go Far an hour to keeping me hydrated and fueled on an extremely hot Dirty Kanza race course. I saw people lying in shade, cramping and sitting in creeks but I never felt like I had any of the problems that many people were having. I never bonked or hit a wall or felt dehydrated the entire 17 hours that I was on the race course. This stuff is amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone planning to tackle any race that is longer than 3 hours! I owe Infinit for helping me get across the finish line feeling strong!"

Andrea C. — Michigan