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Is it bad if I want to eat a bar, take a salt pill, or a gel?

Q Is it bad if I want to eat a bar, take a salt pill or a gel?

A If your Custom Hydration mix is properly formulated you should not need to take in any other outside source of nutrition. Everything should be right in your bottle. 

But if you feel like you need more, just remember that anytime you take in something that is not isotonic, you need to chase it with plain water (not INFINIT). 

You want what’s in your gut to have the correct osmolality. Adding extra "stuff" into the mix can cause bloating, dehydration, GI cramping, and other “issues.”

If you’re really craving something to nosh on, a few pretzels, half a banana, or crackers are typically light enough to be okay.

Make sure that if you decide to take in something heavier, you only drink plain water for the next 30-45 mins to ensure you're not overloading your gut.